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You may also find a sober buddy while in inpatient care for addiction. The holidays are usually a fun, magical time, but for people in recovery, it can feel overwhelming. They may feel loaded with potential triggers and stress due to parties or family gatherings.

The communal aspect of addiction support groups can offer comfort during the holidays, especially after a relapse, when you may not be feeling your best. There are many activities to enjoy during the holidays that do not involve drugs or alcohol. Here are some relapse prevention tips and self-care ideas for the holiday season, or any time. Behavioral addictions, such as gambling addiction and shopping addiction, can also be triggered during the holiday season and frequently co-occur with drug and alcohol use issues. However, not everyone who experiences sadness or depression has a mental health condition, and these feelings can act as a trigger. in 30 Seconds Addiction Treatment & Recovery

But it can also be a very stressful time, particularly for people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Now is a great time to contact your therapist, attend self-help groups meetings, connecting with sober friends, practicing self-care and preparing in advance for the season. Tip #8  Do a Recovery Zone ReCheck before the holidays get started. What situations could possibly set you on the road toward relapse? Make a plan now for how you will deal with these events; maybe you’ll go to some extra meetings before you travel, and plan to call your sponsor or a fellowship friend if anything does happen.

  • I was able to drive everyone back from long lunches at the beach.
  • Here are 10 quick tips for maintaining your sobriety, and sanity, during the winter holidays and into the new year.
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That can lead to preoccupation and obsession, and then to cravings. Keep your focus on your life right now, your life in recovery. Part of the cultural resistance to giving up alcohol on holiday comes from how we learn to drink. From the ceremonial airport pint to the trolley-dash around duty free on the way home, holidays and drinking are entwined in the British imagination. It’s equally true whether you’re a beers-at-Wetherspoon’s person, or the sort of sleek potentate who prefers a G&T in the Concorde Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Get Help Before The Holidays

She says “initially, yes, I was attracted to Australia for the backpacker party scene”, but soon realised it would be hard to keep up. With gen Z’s travel priorities shifting, travel companies that target the demographic have been forced to shift too. Contiki has upped its focus on wellness and sustainability experiences after its research also revealed that most gen Zs (77%) would consider an alcohol-free trip.

  • Sometimes, entering into an individual therapy program or even a few weeks in an outpatient drug rehab center may help you boost your physical health a bit more during the holidays.
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  • Early signs of a relapse or slip may be identified by family members, friends, or other loved ones, such as a spouse.
  • After the stress, cost and hassle of arranging the break, I was grumpier, fatter and more tired than when I’d gone away.

Get ebook versions of The Big Book, The Recovery Book, and other recovery literature on your phone or ebook reader before you leave town. Whether it’s frying up latkes for Hanukkah, or crafting Christmas ornaments around the fireplace, there are many holiday traditions that don’t require a buzz. Consider playing board games, watching holiday movies, or taking a stroll to gaze at the beautiful lights.

Winter Holidays

We do not set the policies for each destination, that is determined by their individual governments. After years of offering flights, we have found that it is both easier & cheaper for you to arrange your flights yourself. Bear in mind that most destinations/hotels have standard check-in times of between 3p – 4p and check out between 10a – 11a.

Getting through the holidays when trying to stay sober – NJ Spotlight News

Getting through the holidays when trying to stay sober.

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Ambler references the hikes, safaris, food tours, cold plunges and cultural experiences included on Contiki tours. She says more than 80% of tours include a “make travel matter experience” focused on sustainability. Anticipation, on the other hand, is living with a loose grip and being willing to accept the gift that is the moment at hand. Expectations demand; while anticipation waits in wonder. During the holiday season, remember to regularly take stock of what unmet expectations could be robbing you of your holiday joy.

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If you’re looking for resources and tools to help you stay on track in your recovery during the holidays, has got you covered. Just being around people who have gone through similar experiences, and finding a distraction away from drugs or alcohol, can offer the opportunity to ground yourself and your commitment to recovery. An estimated 40% to 60% of people who receive treatment for substance abuse experience relapse at some point. What’s most important in the event of a relapse is how you respond to it. Isolation and loneliness can be major triggers for relapse, especially during the holidays.

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